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Membership Application


Member Type

Associate member

  • People who have made significant contributions to the field of play therapy and are recommended by the president of the association

Professional Member -
Certified Play Therapist (CPT)


Membership fee: HK$1,000/year (first time application requires a certification fee of HK$500)

  • Professional qualifications and training:

    • Master's degree or equivalent degree in psychology, social work, counseling or related disciplines,

    • Specific core subjects are required, including:

      • Child Development

      • Theories of Personality

      • Theories of Counseling

      • Abnormal Psychology; Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

      • Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues

    • Complete 120 hours of play therapy training

  • Clinical practice:

    • Complete 250 hours of practical play therapy experience, of which at least 150 hours of play therapy must be accumulated after completing play therapy training

    • Complete 25 hours of supervision (the supervisor’s qualifications must be verified and approved by the Association and have relevant training in play therapy)

    • Have 800 hours of practical experience in mental health counseling, which must be accumulated after obtaining a master's degree


Note: Application forms and attachments submitted by qualified persons will be reviewed and certified by the association before they can become a certified play therapist (CPT).

Full membership

  • Persons with a degree or above in psychology, social work, counseling or related disciplines

  • Have basic training in play therapy

  • Membership fee: HK$500/year

Affiliate/Student Membership

  • People interested in play therapy

  • Membership fee: HK$150/year


Member Benefits

Members can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Participate in our play therapy courses or supervision at the membership price

  • Participate in exchange study groups

  • Receive the latest news on play therapy


Application procedure

Apply to become a member

  • Submit the application form and your qualifications will be reviewed by the association before you can be admitted.

  • The personal information provided by the applicant must be true, accurate, valid and complete. If the applicant does not provide sufficient personal information, the application may not be accepted.

  • Membership needs to be renewed every year.

#Persons aged 18 or above who meet the above qualifications

Pay membership fee

  • All members must pay annual membership fees to the association

  • If there is any membership change, the new membership will not take effect until the new membership fee is fully paid.

Terminate membership

  • Any member may terminate his or her membership by submitting written notice to the Association

  • If a member fails to abide by the association's rules and terms, or the member's behavior is inconsistent with the association's professional code, the board of directors has the right to terminate his or her membership.

Personal Data Collection Statement

  • The Association will treat the applicant's information confidentially in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Applicants may request to access and correct the personal information contained in this application form. Please submit such requests to the Association in writing.

  • The personal information and documents filled in and submitted on the application form may be used by the association for statistics and future contact purposes. Except for the Chinese and English names of certified play therapists or the members’ own consent, their personal information will not be uploaded to Our website.

  • The Association will not retain the personal information of all members for one year after their membership is terminated.


​Application form

Download application form

Please download and fill in the following form and mail it to Room 1107, Phase 2, Chinachem Exchange Plaza, 338 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Application form

(Professional Member)

Application form

(other members)

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